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Section 1:

5kV main switch including:

  • Load switch 5kV 600A c/a 3x fuses 160A DIN 5kV (45mm x 292mm)
  • Interlock Kirk-key, between the door and the switch to prevent opening under voltage
  • Recessed handles to prevent from breaking during transport
  • Removable protection grid, to secure the changing of fuses
  • 3x LED high voltage presence indicators installed directly at the 5kV switch input
  • 3x MALT sockets on each phase (load side of the 5kV switch) and 1x on the MALT outside the cabinet
  • Windows (safety glass) for displaying the status of the switch contacts

Section 2:

4160 / 600-347V “Delta-Wye” transformer including:

  • Dry type transformer :
    • Complies with NRCan2019 efficiency standards
    • 1000kVA
    • Class H insulation 220°C
    • Copper winding
    • 150°C temperature rise
    • Primary: 4.16kV (Delta) BIL: 30kV
    • Secondary: 600/347V (Wye) BIL: 10kV
    • Primary taps: 4-2.5% (2FCAN + 2FCBN)
    • IZ : 6% (est.)
  • Neutral resistance 69Ohm, 5A continuous
  • Tertiary winding 5kVA 120/240
  • SE-325 neutral resistance monitoring relay with ER 600 and CT
  • Measuring module installed in the control compartment (option #Z60)

Section 3:

  • 600V distribution panel including :

  • 1x main input 1200A a/c busbar
  • 2x KD (25kA) 400A 3-pole c/a ST circuit breakers (ST= “Shunt-Trip” magnetic release)
  • 2x KD (25kA) 300A 3-pole c/a ST circuit breakers (ST= “Shunt-Trip” magnetic release)
  • 1x 200A circuit breaker without ST
  • 1x 100A circuit breaker without ST
  • 1x 60A circuit breaker without ST
  • Padlocking device on all circuit breakers;
  • 4x SE-105 c/a CT 200/5 protections on branches with “shunt-trip” (Ground Fault):
    • Test system for ground fault protection relay
  • Auxiliary distribution with 120/240V distribution panel, with power outlet only

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