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15kV Switch

15kV main switch including:

  • Load switch 15kV 600A ac 3x 250A DIN 5kV fuses (45mm x 442mm);
  • Kirk-key interlock between door and switch to prevent opening under power;
  • Direct action handles
  • Removable protection grid to secure fuse changing
  • Window (safety glass) for displaying the status of the switch contacts
  • 3x spare fuses installed inside the switch door
  • Addition of through wall type rings 6 x 15 kV 600A 125 kV BIL
  • More effective prevention of the Corona factor and reduction of maintenance

Enclosure includes:

  • Line side cable entry: Top
  • Incoming cable section located behind the switch
  • Sufficient space for cable termination
  • Rear access (removable panel)
  • Incoming cable section located on the side of the switch
  • Sufficient space for cable termination
  • Side access (removable panel)
  • Roof lifting eyes
  • Drip-proof housing designed for mining use
  • Cabinet cleaned with sandblasting and gray epoxy paint;
  • Standard replacement parts available and easy to replace (doors, accessories, etc.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 60’’ L x 60’’ D x 84’’ H
  • Approximate weight: 1800 lbs

General informations:

  • Displays “Danger”, “Arc-flash”, etc.
  • CSA approved

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