Quality from quotation to delivery!

From submission to delivery, design and manufacturing, all our internal processes are an integral part of our priorities.

In order to remain a leader, we are audited four times a year by an external firm, in addition to internal audits for continuous quality improvement.

Respect of our commitments

To maintain our place as leader in the industry, our verification processes are audited four times a year by an outside firm.



CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) is a global organization with over one hundred years of experience in developing safety and performance standards, and in testing equipment to ensure the quality and reliability of electrical products.


The cCSAus certification is a certification whose tests are carried out by the CSA organization. Certification ensures standards for the entire North American market.

CAGE L8365

L8365 is the unique identifier used by NATO organizations to reference the physical entity known as Manufacture Adria Inc. located at 1250 Saguenay Street, Rouyn-Noranda, Qc, J9X 7C3, Canada.

CWB, CSA W47.1

Companies engaged in welded manufacturing must ensure that they have the capacity to produce welds of consistent and appropriate quality to ensure both customer satisfaction and public safety.