Corporate social responsability

Explorateurs du Monde Daycare

In order to meet a worrying need of the lack of daycare spaces, Adria decided to embark on the creation of an NPO. The organization was created in September 2022. The company worked for two years on its creation in collaboration, with various partners. Explorateurs du Monde Daycare, a subsidized private daycare center, exists thanks to the initiative of Adria Power Systems. The day care center provides 44 places for employees of three companies and the local community. The mission of the center is to introduce children to different world cultures in a safe environment dedicated to global development.

Adria's contribution to various regional causes

Adria contributes to a number of regional causes in different ways. Here are just a few examples of how the company supports these causes:

  • The “Maison de la famille”, a NPO that help individuals, couples and families overcome critical situations
  • The ''Ressource'' for people with disabilities
  • The ''Le Pilier'' from Abitibi-Témiscamingue Association of Cranial Trauma Patients
  • The “Polymétier” Center of technical studies
  • The “Mosaïque”
  • The Rouyn-Noranda Health Foundation
  • “Leucan”, The association for children with cancer