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Electrical Specifications :

  • 1x thermomagnetic branch circuit breaker 18kA 200A 3 poles
  • Circuit breaker operating mechanism outside the cabinet (flexshaft) and operating handle
  • Typical equipment (per outlet) based on number of output outlets:
    • 1x 600V 225A output socket (SMS type 8346-801) mounted under the housing
    • 1x Ground Fault/Ground Continuity Detector (Startco SE-105)
    • 1x current transformer (200:5)
    • 1x power contactor 600V 3 poles 225A
    • 1x operating mode selector (OFF-ON)
    • 1x Green LED Indicator Light (LED) Powered Output Indication
  • 1x control transformer 2000VA 600-120V
  • 1x 120V – 20A GFCI outlet

Main Features :

  • Portable distribution with outlet for Jumbo type drill
  • Electrical plans included (schematic)
  • “Danger”, “Arc-flash” posters, etc.
  • CSA certification
  • Complies with CSA M421 – mines and quarries

Enclosure features:

  • Yellow painted steel cabinet, NEMA 4
  • Approximate dimensions: 26’’L x 10’’D x 24’’H
  • Approximate weight: 200 lbs