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Defender-LV-J1D-R35767 (validet si PTO ou PT)

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Electrical Specifications :

  • 1x main circuit breaker 600V 250A
  • 1x exterior operating handle
  • 1x auto transformer 250kVA 600V (615/630/645/650V)
  • 1x 600V 225A output socket (SMS type 8346)
  • 1x ground fault/ground continuity detector (StartCo #SE-105)
  • 1x current transformer
  • 1x remote control module
  • 1x power contactor 600V 3 poles 225A
  • 1x operating mode selector (OFF-ON)
  • 1x green LED indicator light (LED) for power output indication
  • 150VA c/a control transformer primary and secondary protection
  • 1x 600V 225A input socket (SMS type 8346) on angle box
  • 1x self-maintaining diode for panel power supply

Enclosure features:

  • NEMA 1 steel cabinet
  • Skid base in steel beam with openings, for transport with fork lift
  • Lifting anchors on the roof
  • Drip-proof housing, designed for mining use
  • Cabinet cleaned with sandblasting and gray epoxy paint;
  • Recessed indicators, controls and circuit breaker operating handle, to avoid breakage during transport
  • Standard replacement parts available and easy to replace (doors, accessories, etc.)
  • Approximate dimensions and weight:
    • 53’’ L x 24’’ D x 65’’ H
    • 1,500 lbs

Main Features :

  • Portable distribution with outlet for Jumbo type drill
  • Electrical plans included (schematic)
  • “Danger”, “Arc-flash” posters, etc.
  • CSA certification
  • Complies with CSA M421 standard – mines and quarries