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Section 1:

15kV primary disconnect switch, including:

  • 15kV 600A Load break switch c/w DIN fuse (45mm x 292mm)
  • Kirk-key interlock, between 15kV switch door and switch handle, to prevent access when energized
  • Recessed operating handle, to prevent breaks during handling
  • Removable protecting mesh barrier, for safe fuse replacement
  • Visualization window, to see 15kV switch state (safety glass)
  • 3x high voltage LED indicators, installed between switch and fuses (Z4)
  • 3x 25mm grounding balls on phases (load side of 5kV switch) and 1x on ground bar outside the enclosure. Allows uses of temporary grounding cable sets, during work on equipment (Z5)
  • Top entry 15kV cable connection compartment, behind interrupter
  • 3x fuses for second voltage inside switch compartment

Section 2:

13800-4160V / 600-347V « Delta-Wye » 2 voltage transformers:

  • Dry Type Power Transformer:
    • 1000kVA
    • Adjustment taps: 4 x 2.5% (2FCAN+2FCBN)
    • Class H insulation 220°C
    • 150°C Rise
    • Copper windings
    • Primary: 13.8/4.16kV (Delta) BIL: 95/30kV
    • Secondary: 600/347V (Wye) BIL: 10kV
    • Taps: 4 x 2.5% (2FCAN + 2FCBN)
    • IZ: 7% (est.)
  • Splash proof ventilation louver with metal mesh protection behind
  • Neutral grounding resistor (NGR) 69 Ohm, 5A cont.
  • ER600V Startco sensing resistor with CT
  • CT’s and PT’s installed at the transformer secondary
  • 15kV 600A 125kV BIL “through wall type” bushings

Section 3:

600V distribution:

  • 1x 1200A 3P main breaker + AS (Operation via Flexshaft)
  • 1x 1200A 3P c/w adjustable trip unit + ST + AS feeder breaker (Operation via Flexshaft)
  • 1x 200A 3P c/w ST + AS feeder breaker (Operation via Flexshaft)
  • (ST= Shunt-Trip)
  • (AS= 3-wire auxiliary switch)
  • Indicating lights for all breakers
  • 2x SE-105 ground fault protections c/w 200/5 C.T. on shunt-trip equipped feeder breakers
  • SE-330 NGR monitoring
  • 1x digital power meter with CT and PT for metering (installed in the control section)
  • 1x microprocessor based programmable controler
  • RS-485 (Modbus ASCII/RTU) Communication
  • Alarm #1 – 100°C – Temperature alarm (dry contact)
  • Alarm #2 – 170°C – Temperature alarm (dry contact)
  • Alarm #3 - 200°C – High temperature alarm (dry contact)
  • 1x type "J" thermocouple, installed in the transformer

Enclosure specifications:

  • Built as per Adria mine duty standard
  • Built for vertical handling and lifting
  • NEMA 2
  • Drip proof design, suitable for underground mining
  • Sand blast surface preparation and epoxy painted
  • Dimensions and approximate weight:
    • 146’’ W x 60’’ D x 72’’ H
    • 12 000 lbs

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