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Container :

  • Maritime 20’ std new gray
  • Insulation with 1’’ urethane foam
  • Plywood finish inside
  • Fan for air exchange with the outside

Electrical services in the container:

  • Transformer 150kVA 600-120/208V
  • Panel 120/208V 42ccts, AC main circuit breaker 225A
  • 2x GFCI outlets inside
  • 1x 15A Switch
  • 2x LED lights installed on the ceiling
  • 1x “through splitter” 400A 3PH 4W
  • 1x “through splitter” 600A 3PH 4W
  • 1x Disconnector 600A 600V, c/a fuses
  • 4x Disconnectors 200A 600V, c/a fuses
  • 1x Disconnectors 100A 600V, c/a fuses
  • 6x Disconnectors 100A 120-240V, c/a fuses
  • 1x Disconnector 60A 600V, c/a fuses

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