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2MVA Substation

Electrical specifications

  • Primary protection: 100A fuses


  • Primary voltage: 27,6kV
  • Primary BIL: 150BIL
  • Secondary voltage: 600V
  • Secondary BIL: 30BIL
  • Power: 2000kVA
  • Oil type power transformer

Secondary distribution:

  • 600V distribution panel
    • 1x Main breaker 2000A
    • 4x feeder breaker 400A
    • 3x feeder breaker 250A
  • 120V/240V distribution panel
    • 1x Main breaker 40A
    • 2x tandem 15A circuit breaker
    • 2x tandem 20A circuit breaker
    • Heaters with thermostat

General specifications

  • NEMA 3R
  • Approximate dimensions and weight:
    • 60’’D x 164’’W x 76’’H
    • 31 000lbs
  • Certification: CSA

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