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Included :

  • 1x main circuit breaker
    • 600V 400A 3P + shunt trip c/a rotary handle
    • Voltage indicator/test point
  • 1x 60A bypass
    • Circuit breaker 600V 60A 3P c/a rotary handle
  • 1x 30A bypass
    • Circuit breaker 600V 30A 3P c/a rotary handle
  • 1x 300A bypass
    • Circuit breaker 600V 300A 3P c/a rotary handle
    • 300A contactor
    • Protection relay GC/GF SE105 c/a CT
    • 1x CPT 150VA c/a primary and secondary fuse
  • 1x 40HP bypass
    • Circuit breaker 600V 80A 3P c/a rotary handle
    • 100A contactor
    • Overload relay
    • TESYST motor management monitor with interface
    • RJ45 socket on rail
    • 1x CPT 150VA c/a primary and secondary fuse

Enclosure :

  • Separate compartment for all leads
  • Door with ¼ turn lock
  • ¼” mounting plate on foot base
  • ½’’ lifting eyes
  • CSA certification included
  • Approximate dimensions and weight:
    • 46.5’’L x 16’’D x 90’’H
    • 600lbs