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5kV main switch:

  • Load switch 5kV 600A c/a DIN fuses 5kv (45mm x 292mm)
    • 6x 100A fuses included
  • Interlock kirk-key between the door and the switch, to prevent opening under voltage
  • Recessed handles to prevent breakage during transport
  • Removable protection grid to secure fuse changing
  • Window (safety glass) for displaying the status of the switch contacts
  • 1x heater with thermostat
  • 1x vacuum contactor 5kV 400A TOSHIBA HCV-5HA
  • 1x male output socket 250A 5kV Patton and Cooke


  • Control transformer 4160V-120V AC protection fuse
  • 1x Startco SE-134c with CT 200:5
  • “Open/Closed” selector
  • “Fault” light indicator
  • “GC OK” light indicator
  • “Reset” button

Enclosure :

  • Base with openings on 4 sides, for transport with forklift
  • Roof lifting eyes
  • Nema 3R aluminum
  • Drip-proof housing designed for mining use
  • Approximate dimensions and weight:
    • 52’’L x 30’’D x 73’’H
    • 700 lbs

General informations :

  • All control wiring is SIS type, as required by CSA C22.2 #31-04 “switchgear”
  • Bilingual single-line and schematic drawing included
  • “Danger”, “arc-flash” posters, etc.
  • CSA certification

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