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600V module and control:

  • 1x main entrance section including:
    • 1x bus bar 600V 2000A 35kA
    • 1x termination range 600V 2500A for flexible braids arriving from the substation
    • CTs and PTs installed on bus bars (for metering)

Control compartment:

  • SE-325 Neutral Resistance Monitoring Module
  • 1x digital multimeter with CT and PT for measurement
  • 1x circuit breaker remote control
  • Maintenance switch (15kV circuit breaker with additional protection in maintenance mode)
  • Isoelectric test switch for CT (for input and zero sequence CT)
  • 9x SE-105 c/w C.T. earthing protectors (for segregated circuit breakers)

Compartment 120/240:

  • Auxiliary distribution 120/240V 25kVA 18ccts, including:

1x 120V 20A outlet with weather cover

“ABB” EFV compartment:

  • 4x EFV 75HP
  • 2x EFV 150HP, including:
  • 1x arc detection system:

600V distribution, including:

  • 1x distribution panel 600V 1200A:
  • 4x 225A PTO outputs (segregated compartment)


  • Built to Adria standards
  • Built for vertical transport
  • NEMA 2 Cabinet
  • Anti-drip design for mining environment
  • Epoxy paint with sandblasted surface
  • Approximate dimensions and weight:
    • 600V module and control:
      • 78’’ D x 156’’ W x 96’’ H
      • 15,000 lbs