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5kV switches:

  • 1x main switch cabinet 800A 5kv, without fuse
  • Copper main switch busbar
  • 4x stacked double bypass switch cabinets at 5kV, c/a fuse holders and 200A fuses
  • Primary connected in parallel (busbar)
  • Protective grid to secure the changing of fuses
  • Interlock kirk-key to prevent doors from opening when switches are energized
  • 3x LED high voltage presence indicators, installed directly at the input of the 5kV switch (option Z4)
  • 3x 25mm MALT socket on phase (load side of the 5kV switch) and 1x on the MALT outside the cabinet (option Z5)
    • Allows the use of temporary MALT cable during work
  • 15x inspection windows for using a thermographic camera (option Z30)
    • 2” opening allowing reading with any type of camera (short and long waves), without having to open the compartment door


  • Complete assembly NEMA 2 rated
  • Recessed handles to prevent breakage during transport
  • Built for vertical handling and lifting
  • Sandblasted and painted with epoxy
  • Standard and easy to replace parts (doors, accessories, etc.)
  • Approximate dimensions of each cabinet: 38’’L x 48’’D x 94’’H

General informations :

  • Production standards test
  • CSA certification
  • “Danger”, “Arc-Flash”, etc. posters.
  • Single-line schematic and manufacturing drawings included (Adria standard)
  • Approximate assembly dimensions: 108’’L x 54’’D x 95’’H
  • Approximate assembly weight: 4,340 lbs
  • Installation and maintenance manual included